Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A: From treating back pain, neck pain, and headaches, to sports injuries and other disorders involving muscles, ligaments, and joints, chiropractors are able to care for many patients. Chiropractic care also benefits general health, as our core body structure affects overall function and health.

A: We have been blessed in this office to see people ranging from 4 days old to 97 years old! Birth is a very traumatic event for a child. We commonly find restrictions that need to be addressed starting at birth. We also look at motor patterns in children to check for proper muscle function. Check out our techniques on Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization to learn more about this.

As people age, generally, there is not as much activity in one’s life, leading to stiff and tight joints. There are many reasons to seek out a chiropractor, and we’re committed to helping you feel your best in every stage of life!

A: Due to the minimal force and gentle pressure that is used with chiropractic manipulation, discomfort is rare. In fact, this highly controlled procedure allows most patients to feel immediate relief upon being treated. Some may report soreness similar to that associated with starting a new exercise program after an initial adjustment. To help ease any discomfort and promote healing, drink plenty of water, use an ice pack, and do some light stretching after your first visit.

A: The answer I give is that it’s never OK to crack the joints in your body. There is a big difference between a chiropractor adjusting your neck and you simply “cracking it.” Chiropractors examine their patients to find joints that don’t have adequate motion. After finding the segment(s) that need attention, motion is created in a specific direction.

When you crack your own neck. you are mobilizing joints that already move like they should. If too much motion is given to a segment over a period of time, the body then starts to fuse and restrict the areas that are moving too much. Muscles also have to work harder to stabilize the area. This means more muscle tension in the area you are trying to make feel better.

A: Using adapted techniques to accommodate the stage of pregnancy and unique needs of each patient, many pregnant women have reported that chiropractic adjustments actually helps them throughout their pregnancy, as well as making delivery easier.

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